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    Founded in 1994, Haohan Data Technology Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of network traffic monitoring and control systems, network big data acquisition platforms and data application services for the Chinese Internet sector. It has been committed to providing high-performance, high-precision, high-reliability overall solutions to make the Internet visible, manageable, and controllable. The company’s products have been widely deployed in the networks at all levels of the Internet, covering more than 300 Tbps of Internet bandwidth in China. The company has abundant technical experience and strong professional service capability in the fields of mass data acquisition, high-speed data processing, and deep information mining.



    enhanced the response speed and success rate of user access and dealt with the problem of high access delay caused by distribution

    Sniper: An intelligent network security visualizat

    It provides services in the SDK mode to safeguard network security in an intelligent and visible manner.

    DDoS Attack Detection and Defense System

    Can effectively detect DDoS attack traffic in backbone networks, provincial networks, IDCs, metropolitan area networks

    Deep network viewer (DNV) application analysis system

    It makes the network transparent, helps operators, safeguards network traffic, and detects network hotspots.

    DPI-Based Service Gateway

    With high reliability, scalability, and flexibility, it is applied in many application scenarios such as traffic management, traffic audit, service control, etc.

    XDRILL words single collection system product introduction

    detailed session-level record of the signaling process and business transfer process generated after full-volume

    HH-TAG user behavior tagging system

    It provides support for fine analysis of user behavior, and realizes traffic analysis, accurate operation promotion, and traffic monetizing.

    Attack Protection Solution For Network Management

    real-time detection of abnormal attacks, to minimize the impact of network attacks.


    10bet官网中文网址- 点击登录 - 2019MWC

    10bet官网中文网址- 点击登录 - 2019MWC

    10bet官网中文网址- 点击登录 - RSA2019

    10bet官网中文网址- 点击登录 - RSA2019

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